Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Solution

Earth for as long as we’ve currently known has been dominated by an elite cabal of sadistic psychopaths who thrive on the misery and despair of all life in this plane of existence. Therein lies the problem. They subverted Science in order to hide the true shape of the earth along with the origins of life. They stole the story of our past with a fabricated set of lies agreed upon known as History. Corrupted true sources of enlightenment with false orders pretending to be the light bearers. Created religions to possess spiritual control and power over the minds of the people. Replaced natural cures and entheogenic properties with pharmaceutical pills designed to ensnare one into an addictive bondage. Replaced nature with concrete dwellings. Replaced beautiful inspiring architecture with disgusting brutalist concrete walls of blankness. They have brainwashed the youth with their false educational system. The food has been poisoned. The water has been poisoned. Hell, even the air is being poisoned. They replaced the sacred traditions of our forebears with decadence and immorality. Corrupted the sacred act of sex into a perverse degenerate act to bind and a commodity to enslave. Men have become weak, docile, and dumb – often lured in by sexual desires into mental chains. Women have become promiscuous and deceptive all while being told they are empowered. They have taken the stoic masculinity from men. They have taken the sacred femininity from women primarily through the means of discouraging and destroying motherhood. They replaced human interaction with social distancing and the illusion of the freedom of choice with full blown tyranny, simply lifting the veil all in the name of safety.

They have destroyed the family, they are raping mother nature of all that is pure, they are replacing peoples in their own homelands with foreigners in the name of mass immigration which only exists due to the wars that they created, they have destroyed all that is pure, all that is holy, all that is worth fighting for, all while telling us we are free but only to do as they tell us. But why would they do this? Who would create these problems? It seems the ultimate question of conspiracy is…why? How could there be so much insanity and lunacy? What exactly are these psychopaths at the helm pushing for?

Monday, July 6, 2020

Ordo Ab Chao: FEMA Camps, Riots, and Deep Underground Military Bases

This video might have been a little more relevant a few weeks ago, but I put it together as quick as possible. It is clear that the ruling class does try to bring their own new order out of the chaos that they create. They invent the problem, then sell you the solution.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Agenda 21/2030

Agenda 21

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” – Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft and Bilderberg member

Agenda 21 is one of the major tools that the New World Order is going to use to establish this one world system. It was put together at Rio DeJaniero at the “Earth Summit” and was published in 1993. Agenda 21 was originally called “Sustainable Development” and was promoted as a solution to humanity. At the meeting, there were 178 nations that signed the document and George H.W. Bush signed for the United States. Bill Clinton would later sign an executive order stating that every state and community in America must comply with the plans of Agenda 21.

This agenda largely focuses on population control and depopulation. There are key words used such as “population stabilization” and “Sustainable Development” are just smoke-screens for the true agenda that is at play. This sustainability plan is focused on controlling world land use, education, and control of the population including depopulation. One of the main goals is the restructuring of the family unit and placing the children into the hands of the state which is a very important step for this agenda. If the state has control over the children, then it can indoctrinate the children into complete state control rather than the family unit. As it is clearly evident, children are the future of the world so if the children are controlled into supporting the state then the future will play out in the interest of this agenda.

Although Agenda 21 is largely focused on depopulation, it is also massively focused on how to control the population and keep it in line. Agenda 21 also details the living spaces of humans and the abolishing of private property. This will result in citizen being crammed and packed into tight living spaces in high-rise apartment buildings with small rooms. Cars and other such automobiles will most likely not be allowed while there will be railways set up and put in place. This aligns with the America 2050 Megaregions being connected together by railways. Many of these high-rise apartments have already been built and more people are moving into apartments. The agenda is to have us each crammed into tight spaces, our children controlled by the state, and the population kept in check. In the Agenda 21 document, it speaks of how most of the population will be living in large cities as a result of a crisis and although the document was written to paint this agenda in a good light, the true meaning behind this plan is not as it looks on the surface. The powers that be do not want people living alone in structured family units out in nature supporting themselves, but instead want the entire population kept in large city developments where we are constantly controlled.

“By the turn of the century, the majority of the world's population will be living in cities. While urban settlements, particularly in developing countries, are showing many of the symptoms of the global environment and development crisis, they nevertheless generate 60 per cent of gross national product and, if properly managed, can develop the capacity to sustain their productivity, improve the living conditions of their residents and manage natural resources in a sustainable way.” – Sustainable Development, 7.13 (47)

Another goal of the agenda is to have complete and total dominance over the farm land and overall food source. We can also see this with the CEO of Nestle wanting to have control over all of Earth’s water supply, but taking control and becoming the main source of food for humanity is crucial to the plan. They do not want civilians and farmers making food and being self-sustainable without the state, so the rulers want to step in and take control over the entirety of the source. We see this agenda playing out right now with farmers being kicked off their land for means of the state. They want us off the land! They want complete control over the food and they want humanity to become dependent on the one world system in order to eat. The document specifically speaks of this as “intensifying” the agriculture land use to help meet the demands of the future. Not only do they want control over the farm land, but also the natural land as well. These psychopaths want dominance over nature and all land use and land resources, so they can control human activity.

“Agriculture needs to be intensified to meet future demands for commodities and to avoid further expansion onto marginal lands and encroachment on fragile ecosystems. Increased use of external inputs and development of specialized production and farming systems tend to increase vulnerability to environmental stresses and market fluctuations. There is, therefore, a need to intensify agriculture by diversifying the production systems for maximum efficiency in the utilization of local resources, while minimizing environmental and economic risks. Where intensification of farming systems is not possible, other on-farm and off-farm employment opportunities should be identified and developed, such as cottage industries, wildlife utilization, aquaculture and fisheries, non-farm activities, such as light village-based manufacturing, farm commodity processing, agribusiness, recreation and tourism, etc.” – Sustainable Development 14.25 (130-131)

Control over the population is one of the main goals of this agenda including packing the population into these high-rise buildings. Depopulation plays a large role in this and keeping the human population limited to a certain amount. As the Georgia Guidestones state, the plan is to keep humanity’s population beneath 500 million people. The Georgia Guidestones were opened on March 22, 1980 and were obviously built by someone who knew of the agenda of keeping the human population in check.

In Agenda 21, depopulation is going to play a part along with controlling the land resources and children. Bill Gates, who is a member the Bilderberg Group, has spent millions of dollars on the common core education which is taking control over the education (indoctrination) of the children. This agenda has been in the making for years and we are beginning to see it unfold in front of our eyes. The true rulers of our world want control over everything from our food and land and they won’t stop until they get it. This is why we are here; to stop these evil psychopaths before they take control and have power over everything.

Agenda 2030

“This next chapter of development cannot just be about what governments spend, it has to harness the unprecedented resources of our interconnected world.  In just a few short years -- in the areas of health, and food security, and energy -- my administration has committed and helped mobilize more than $100 billion to promote development and save lives.  More than $100 billion.  And guided by the new consensus we reached in Addis, I'm calling on others to join us.  More governments, more institutions, more businesses, more philanthropies, more NGOs, more faith communities, more citizens -- we all need to step up with the will and the resources and the coordination to achieve our goals.  This must be the work of the world.” – Former President Barack Obama, United Nations, September 27, 2015

Agenda 2030, much like its predecessor Agenda 21, is the newly reformed goals of Sustainable Development presented once again. On September 25, 2015, the United Nations held an assembly with 193 nations adopting the 2030 Development resolution. Agenda 2030 is officially titled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” The agenda consists of 17 goals with 169 targets. Many of the goals involve resolving poverty, hunger, war, and even many things to do social differences such as gender. However, just as it is titled, the main goal of this agenda is to transform our world by the year 2030. Agenda 2030 didn’t take full effect until January of 2016, but this plan is to work hard during the 15 years leading up to 2030 and to change the world for the goals of Sustainable Development.

“We are announcing today 17 Sustainable Development Goals with 169 associated targets which are integrated and indivisible. Never before have world leaders pledged common action and endeavour across such a broad and universal policy agenda. We are setting out together on the path towards sustainable development, devoting ourselves collectively to the pursuit of global development and of “win-win” cooperation which can bring huge gains to all countries and all parts of the world.” – Sustainable Development, “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” 18 (6)

Much of Agenda 2030 is the same goals as Agenda 21, but it is only being reemphasized to keep pushing the goals for the future world. How do you think Sustainable Development and the nations of the world are going to feed all the hungry of the world and end poverty? Do you think the nations are going to ask their farmers to grow food for these people and however much the farmers of the world provide they will get paid and receive benefits? No, of course not! Just like the goals of Agenda 21 and the New World Order, Agenda 2030 wants the one world government to be the only food source and only source of shelter. The same goes for every other aspect such as water and land. They want complete control over the human resources and this agenda is simply just pushing it further. The document of Sustainable Development is disguised by the United Nations as a harmonious act of peace to solve the issues of the world, meanwhile these same psychopaths are the ones creating the problems! It is order out of chaos and the agenda is to create the problem, react to it, and then offer up the solution for the people of the world to blindly accept.

Agenda 2030 is also going to push for population control and to have most citizens living in large cities in high-rise apartments. Agenda 2030 shows how quickly the world rulers want to implement their agenda and how fast they want to push for their goals. They want total control and dominance over everything and this agenda is set in place to keep pushing for the coming one world government. The one world government is quickly becoming a reality and it is our job to stop it before it’s too late.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

ENDGAME: Event 201, Bill Gates, Microchips, Cashless Society and the New World Order

This is a breakdown of the some of the bizarre factors involved with this recent pandemic. Measures are being taken for the powers that be to sweep in and take as much control over our lives as possible. We must resist and fight this power grab and call them out on their obvious attempts. Wotan id est Furor!

Friday, February 28, 2020

The Masonic Subversion of Science - Secrets of the Royal Society (Invisible College)

Here we go over the Royal Society and the Masons who played a role in subverting science from a tool to measure observations of our natural world into a system based on theories and unproven claims. Due to the shorter nature of the video, I was going to only have the first half but then I decided to add the rest from Eddie Bravo's interview because I found that it was useful information.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

How Television is Programming Your Mind

Why do you think we use the terms TV Channels and TV Programs? This isn't an accident. Do yourself a favor a stop constantly watching TV and maybe find something useful to with this extra time such as reading etc.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Bohemian Grove

The basic layout of Washington D.C. was designed by the French Freemason Pierre Charles L’Enfant who was a military engineer. He placed secret occult symbols all over Washington D.C. and one of the most obvious symbols connects to the notorious Bohemian Grove. When looking down from above upon the United States Congress building and seeing the connecting roads and structures, one can easily notice the formation of an owl sitting on the top of a pyramid. This, of course, is no coincidence and was purposely designed to show the occult imagery at the Capitol.

Not only has this owl been constructed into the very layout of the Capitol of America, but it has also been seen on every U.S. Dollar bill. The Mazda symbol can also be seen as the head of an owl with the brow ridge of the owl in the middle. The National Press Club logo also shows an owl in front of the Capitol and this is a nod to the secret society that many powerful members are involved in. Now the next logical question is: what is the owl, symbolic of Bohemian Grove, doing on national currency and architecture?

“How interesting that when I was looking at a map of Washington I found that the roads within the grounds of the Congress Building make the very clear symbol of … an owl! You also find that the owl is sitting on a pyramid. The pyramid and an all seeing owl. The same owl symbol can be found hidden on the dollar bill if you know where to look and you have a very powerful magnifying glass.” – David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (364)

Bohemian Grove is a restricted 2,700-acre forest campground that is located at Monte Rio, Northern California. It is at this secluded location that the infamous Bohemian Club perform their secret society rituals. Since 1873 for 17 days every July, the top politicians, businessmen, bankers, celebrities, and even presidents have gathered at this hidden grove. These secretly held meetings can even gather up to 1,500 people ranging from various positions in power. Many U.S. Presidents have been members of this club such as Presidents William Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush along with his son George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. Bohemian Grove is widely known among the elite circle of power and Former President Richard Nixon even spoke of it stating, “Bohemian Grove that I attend from time to time is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine.” Many top officials, Governors, Mayors, FBI and CIA directors, and bankers have been involved in this secret club: Colin Powell, Pete Wilson, George Shultz, and Henry Kissinger. Many writers and people of creativity have been involved including Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Will Rodgers, Douglas Fairbanks, and Charlie Chaplin.

“It’s an intensely secretive affair, with a heavy presence of security. No media are allowed in, either as members or guests. Membership lists are guarded like golden eggs, so that few people outside the Grove know who will be attending from one year to the next. Past participants have included every republican president since Calvin Coolidge, and before him, Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, Nelson Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Jr., all Bohemians, crafted their future presidential campaigns within the secret and cozy confines of the Bohemian Grove. Here, heads of state and industry, such as Henry Kissinger, Caspar Weinberger, James Baker, Dick Cheney, Malcom Forbes, Stephen Bechtel and a host of prominent CEOs, foundation chairs and university presidents mingle with movie stars, musicians, artists, and cultural leaders.” – Mike Hanson, “Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy” (24)

To show the true power that attends these meetings, look no further than the royal bloodlines of the monarchies. In 1983, Queen Elizabeth showed up and her presence was celebrated with a bizarre dance ceremony and there were stage props set up as Babylonian ziggurats and Egyptian pyramids. This fits the scene perfectly because if it’s true that the presidents along with the Queen descend from royal Egyptian bloodlines then it only makes sense. Although the Queen showed up to the meeting, the Queen herself was not allowed to become an official member because she is a woman. This club is exclusively male, and no women have ever been allowed in with the exception of the Queen of England.

Bohemian Grove is not just known for its gatherings, meetings, lectures, and speeches, but is also and more prominently known for its rituals and sacrifices that are performed in front of a 40 foot tall stone statue of a Babylonian owl god. Many dismissed the rumors of these ritualistic killings as nothing more than hearsay and crazy talk. However, this all changed when in 2000, Bohemian Grove was infiltrated by filmmaker and author Alex Jones who snuck in and filmed to whole thing on video. He had clear footage of the ritual called “The Cremation of Care” taking place and figures dressed in bizarre clothing, lighting fires to the sacred owl god of Bohemia.

“We reached the end of the gorge, which is an observation deck at the top of a 300-foot cliff overlooking the Russian River and the small town of Monte Rio on the other side. It was my plan to have the least amount of contact with the Bohemian Club members and staff as I could and to wait until nightfall to attempt to get out our hidden cameras and to catch the Cremation of Care ceremony on tape. At this point, I should digress and go back and say that as we were walking into the Grove we actually came within about ten yards of the 40 foot stone owl that sits to the north side of the small lake. We were only about seven yards away from the black altar that sits at the base of the owl. So, already at this point we had proven that rumor true: yes there is a giant stone owl – yes there is an altar … The body begged for its life, over a speaker system. They refused it mercy. They took it up onto the altar. The "great owl" told them to burn the body … So, I was there witnessing something right out of the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch’s Visions of Hell: burning metal crosses, priests in red and black robes with the high priest in a silver robe with a red cape, a burning body screaming in pain, a giant stone great-horned owl, world leaders, bankers, media and the head of academia engaged in these activities. It was total insanity.” – Alex Jones, “Occult Activities at the Elite Bohemian Grove in Northern California Exposed!”

The 40 foot tall stone statue of an owl being worshipped is not just any old owl. It is Moloch or Molech, the Great Owl god of Bohemia and the Babylonian owl god. Moloch is the god associated with child sacrifice and this relates to the flat out evil rituals that take place. This owl is also involved with aspects of Baal or Nimrod. Many ancient societies ranging from the Canaanites, Hebrews, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, and Babylonians worshipped this deity and it demanded the sacrifice of children. For thousands of years, there has been an elite group of people recorded in different cultures of performing rituals of child sacrifice. The Druid rituals performed at the grove involve people clothed in red and white robes chanting to the owl god Molech.

In Greek mythology, the Owl of Athena is a small owl that accompanies Athena, the Eye goddess. The Roman word for “witch” was the same word as the owl being worshipped. This owl has also been intertwined with Lilith, goddess of the Moon who also plays a witch-like role and could be representative of the feminine Moon energy. The Pagan New Year and the 13th Moon coincides with the last two weeks of July where the rituals occur at the grove. The Gregorian calendar is flawed and simply calendrical time manipulation, and these powerful members are knowledgeable of this and rather than celebrating on January 1st with everyone else, they gather and celebrate on July 25th at Bohemian Grove. July 25th was considered the “day out of time” while July 26th was the official Lunar New Year corresponding with the 13 month Lunar calendar. Of course, 13 is a sacred occult number and is esteemed by the secret societies for its significance.

The rituals that take place at Bohemian Grove do not just involve human sacrifice to an ancient Babylonian god, but also involve wild homosexual orgies. Male and Female prostitutes engage in bizarre sexual games. It gets even darker where young children are exploited and treated in unimaginable ways, including sacrifice. Many whistleblowers, including Alex Jones who snuck in and Cathy O’Brien, a MK Ultra mind control victim, describe there being an altar where the human sacrifices occur before the giant owl statue.

“There is a sexual playground for leading American and foreign politicians, mobsters, bankers, businessmen, top entertainers, etc, who are initiates of the Babylonian Brotherhood. It is called Bohemian Grove, 75 miles north of San Francisco in California, near the hamlet of Monte Rio alongside the Russian River in Sonoma County. I went to the area in 1997 to have a look around and when I told the hotel receptionist where I was going she warned me to be very careful because some people who had been to investigate had never been seen again. Here at Bohemian Grove, Cathy, and others I have interviewed, say they were forced to serve the perversions of their abusers. These include Satanic rituals, torture, child sacrifices, and blood drinking, which take place on the exclusive 2,700 acre estate in among the redwood trees.” – David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (334)

One thing that is found when looking at many of these secret societies is that they all seem to have, in one way or another, a link to children and human sacrifice. There is this evil obsession with ritualistic sacrifice and it appears to go back all the way to ancient times and drives deep into the core of these secret groups. The very fact that there have been many people of significant power including presidents and the Queen of England who attend the gathering at this grove shows what the rulers of our world are involved in.