Monday, January 18, 2021

Europe | What Once Was - Then and Now


This is just a short piece I put together inspired by the old "Time to say goodbye" videos showing how far we've fallen. This isn't meant to depress anyone, but only to get people to realize how bad we've let things get. I believe there is still hopeless, even if it all seems lost. While we may have lost the old world, I don't think we should say goodbye just yet. Things look bleaker and more terrible than ever as we approach the one world order, but maybe we can use this chance to think deeper and build something new.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Alex Jones Exposé | Zio-Shill DisInfowars Compilation


Hail to the new year! To kick things off, I have compiled some of Alex Jones' most Zionist shilly moments ranging from his defense of Zionism, Kushner, and Netanyahu along with the other various sorts of disinformation he mixes in. Many people aren't aware of how much disinfo he really puts out, but hopefully this compilation will help makes things clear.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Robert Sepehr

Through Red Ice, I have stumbled upon Robert Sepehr's work and a lot of it I find to be very interesting. I don't think he necessarily believes everything he talks about, but he presents the information in an excellent way. Check it out for yourself. Here's his books:

Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Evolution Deception | You Are Not An Accident


One of the most recent deceptions of the modern world is that humans not only evolved from apes, but that all life itself evolved from other various forms of matter all stemming from a big bang explosions. Not only is there slim evidence for this, but the theory leaves it's adherents in a state of nihilism believing that life has no significant meaning. The meaning of life is much greater than just paying taxes to support a pedo-run system and Flat Earth is instrumental for lifting this veil.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The War on Architecture and Aesthetic Beauty in the Modern Era

Take the Aesthetic Pill! Has anyone else notice that buildings look like pure utter crap in modern times and they look so gloomy and depressing? Has anyone noticed how our culture is the same way? If we are constantly surrounded by depressing, dark emptiness then we are going to reflect that as a society. I think we should strive to have better architecture like what we see in old cities around the world. If we surround ourselves with beauty and positive architecture then we are going to be happier. I think the same goes for cars as well.

I'm thinking about posting aesthetic pictures on Instagram, but I haven't gotten around to it yet:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Real Vampires of the Modern Age

Available on my BitChute Channel:

Circumcision is genital mutilation and should be banned. It causes severe trauma and psychological damage. Iceland tried to ban it about a year ago but was threatened by the mafia ADL and told they would be smeared in American/European media and lose all tourism. Denmark is now trying to vote to ban it and I hope they succeed. The vampires also ritualistically murder animals in brutal and sickening ways. I understand it may be difficult to watch but awareness of this horror is important. Also, these vampires have a long history of not just genital blood drinking and animal slaughter, but human sacrifice as well.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Solution

Earth for as long as we’ve currently known has been dominated by an elite cabal of sadistic psychopaths who thrive on the misery and despair of all life in this plane of existence. Therein lies the problem. They subverted Science in order to hide the true shape of the earth along with the origins of life. They stole the story of our past with a fabricated set of lies agreed upon known as History. Corrupted true sources of enlightenment with false orders pretending to be the light bearers. Created religions to possess spiritual control and power over the minds of the people. Replaced natural cures and entheogenic properties with pharmaceutical pills designed to ensnare one into an addictive bondage. Replaced nature with concrete dwellings. Replaced beautiful inspiring architecture with disgusting brutalist concrete walls of blankness. They have brainwashed the youth with their false educational system. The food has been poisoned. The water has been poisoned. Hell, even the air is being poisoned. They replaced the sacred traditions of our forebears with decadence and immorality. Corrupted the sacred act of sex into a perverse degenerate act to bind and a commodity to enslave. Men have become weak, docile, and dumb – often lured in by sexual desires into mental chains. Women have become promiscuous and deceptive all while being told they are empowered. They have taken the stoic masculinity from men. They have taken the sacred femininity from women primarily through the means of discouraging and destroying motherhood. They replaced human interaction with social distancing and the illusion of the freedom of choice with full blown tyranny, simply lifting the veil all in the name of safety.

They have destroyed the family, they are raping mother nature of all that is pure, they are replacing peoples in their own homelands with foreigners in the name of mass immigration which only exists due to the wars that they created, they have destroyed all that is pure, all that is holy, all that is worth fighting for, all while telling us we are free but only to do as they tell us. But why would they do this? Who would create these problems? It seems the ultimate question of conspiracy is…why? How could there be so much insanity and lunacy? What exactly are these psychopaths at the helm pushing for?