Tuesday, December 5, 2017

YouTube Censored My Video

Youtube blocked my video worldwide after receiving a copyright claim from the Eminem rant/rap which demonetized the video. The demonetization isn't what pissed me off. It was the fact the video was BLOCKED WORLDWIDE! NO ONE COULD WATCH IT! It was a video about Jim Carrey and Eminem "possibly being replaced and some connection to the Illuminati." Well that's Youtube Folks!

I'm not completely sure if he has been replaced but I find it very possible. This was the first part to a video I made that included Eminem but it kept getting blocked worldwide by different companies such as BET and Viacom. So I took the part about Jim Carrey and decided to upload it. Jim Carrey has been one of my favorite actors but his talk about no meaning in life and his Illuminati hand signs is just weird. We know he was making a joke with the all mocking tongue but was he trying to slip some truth in? You decide.

YouTube has also demonetized some of my videos which appears to be for no reason at all. The Skull and Bones Exposed video would make sense for big powerful corporations and systems to want to demonetize since it exposes the Mafia Government they work for but still, YouTube was created as a platform for free speech and no one should be censored based on disagreement. The other videos were silly and not worthy of demonetization especially the face reveal video. Demonetized videos are less likely to be shown or found in recommended, trending, or even the sidebar of videos and it would make sense why "truther" videos are demonetized because they will less likely be found. This isn't even mentioning the millions of truth videos that YouTube deletes just to suppress truth and try to hide knowledge.

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