Sunday, December 30, 2018

Eric Dubay Channel Deleted Again

Eric Dubay's YouTube channel was deleted once again and the censorship is blatantly obvious. Help support Eric Dubay and his work and subscribe to his new channel.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Spreading to other Platforms!

Truth Center is now on Gab and Minds. We must keep fighting and take new ground! Gab: Minds:

Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Magical Origins of Religion

All the major religions stem from a central source when looking deeply into the origins. Many ancient cultures acknowledged the magic mushroom and more specifically the amanita muscaria mushroom. Many religions were based off of these entheogens (En-Theo-Gen: Generate the God Within) and literal stories were presented over them to blind the population. I took the last half of my documentary "The Truth About Christianity" and I added some music and made it enjoyable. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, the festive celebration of the anointed sacred substance (magic mushroom).
The Truth About Christianity - Astrotheology, Evidence, and Magic Mushrooms:

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Jordan Maxwell Brilliantly Explains Everything

This is a 15 minute video I've just watched which excellently explain everything from conspiracies, astrotheology, and mind control.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Eddie Bravo Breaks Down UFOs and the Fake Alien Invasion

I've recently been tuning into Theo Von's podcasts with Eddie Bravo and found these excellent clips breaking down the fake invasion and how it connects to the One World Order. I added clips explaining this agenda even further. Question Everything and Look Into It!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Scientific and Historic Experiments that Prove Earth is Flat

All of the experiments presented prove not only that the earth is a level plane but also that it is motionless as well. No successful, repeatable experiment in history has ever been able to prove the fallacious theory of heliocentrism or the globular earth. Rather, there have been successful, repeatable experiments conducted that prove that the earth is flat and motionless. Take this useful information and share it with everyone and keep spreading truth.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence and Flat Earth

At 11:00 "I tried to convince people to slow down AI. To regulate AI. This was futile. I tried for years...Nobody listened."

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Divided States of America - Home of the Slaves

This goes through who really controls America and the slave-state of the corporation. The Secret Societies that run the country with Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and the Illuminati along the Banking System with the Federal Reserve. The Brainwashing of our society into complete compliance to work in the machine of government. Part 1: Presidential Bloodlines Part 2: Secret Societies Part 3: The Banking System and the Federal Reserve Part 4: False-Flags Part 5: Brainwashing Part 6: Slave Jobs and Corporations Part 7: The One World Order of Zion

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Sun and Moon on the Flat Earth

The Sun and Moon are both heavenly bodies of light that follow their own unique paths across the sky. These luminaries can be observed now as they have been seen for thousands of years to travel above us emitting their own light to the world. However, the Masonic experts at NASA have convinced us that it is not these magnificent luminaries revolving above us as they appear, but instead, it is us revolving around the Sun. They also tell us that the Moon is not producing its own light, but rather it is a big spherical rock and nothing more than a reflector of the Sun’s light. The Sun and Moon are both equal yet opposite luminaries with one ruling the day and one ruling the night.

The Sun gives light to the earth and brings warmth and energy and without these things, we would not be able to see, move, or grow food. We depend on the Sun’s light and energy to survive. This explains why many ancient cultures held great respect for the Sun and personified it as a deity. We are told that the Sun is 93 million miles away even though it appears to be much closer. In high-altitude balloon footage, hotspots can be seen on the tops of clouds beneath the Sun which can only be a direct result of a local body of light above the earth. The Sun travels around the earth every 24 hours while the Moon travels around every 25 hours giving us Days, Nights, and Seasons. The Sun’s annual journey around the earth is what determines the distinct Seasons we experience on the flat earth. When the Sun travels closest to the North Pole, it is summer in the North and winter in the South. When the Sun is furthest from the North Pole, closest to the outer regions, it is summer in the South and winter in the North.

Eclipses have always been touted as veritable proof of the spherical earth due to the round shadow that is cast upon the Moon during a Lunar Eclipse. The explanation for this occurrence is that the Sun is 400 times farther away than the Moon and is magically 400 times larger than the Moon. How convenient! The distances and sizes just so happen to be the exact diameters necessary to make the Sun and Moon look as if they are the coincidentally the same size. Our everyday experience shows us that the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size and trace similar paths. The problem with this heliocentric theory is that there have been multiple occurrences throughout history where the Sun has been seen in the sky at the same time as the Moon while the round shadow is being cast. It’s called a Selenelion. This would impossible on a ball earth because we are told that a Lunar Eclipse is when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in a perfect 180-degree line. If the Sun is still in the sky at the time of the eclipse, then this straight line would not be made therefore it would be impossible for the round shadow on the Moon to be the Earth’s, so it must be caused by something else.

Ancient cultures had an interesting explanation for the cause of eclipses. Rahu was depicted as a third celestial body that would eclipse the Sun and Moon. Rahu was also described as the Black Sun. Although there is not much evidence to show for this, it seems to make more sense than the ball earth explanation. One thing I thought would be interesting to point out is Planet X or Nibiru. Of course, planets don’t exist like what NASA’s cartoons show us but rather planets are wandering stars and as a matter of fact, the word planet is just the word plane with a T added to the end of it. Now this is just speculation but, is it possible that this Nibiru that everyone was claiming to be seeing was actually Rahu or the Black Sun? It very well could be or Nibiru could just be a hoax, but the problem is that we just don’t know. Instead of jumping to conclusions maybe we should just stick to the facts.

The Moon is the equally divine opposite of the Sun giving us the Yin Yang of Sun and Moon, hot and cold, Day and Night. The Moon traces a similar path to that of the Sun’s annual journey. The Moon gives light to the night sky as a luminary and its phases seem to be its own function. Moonlight has many different effects on plants and foods than Sunlight. While the Sun’s light is warm, dry and preserving, the Moon’s light on the other hand, is cold, damp and putrefying. When placing a thermometer in direct Sunlight, it will read a higher temperature than a thermometer placed in the shade. In direct Moonlight, a thermometer will read lower than a thermometer placed in the shade. Not only does the Moon appear to emit its own light, but it also appears to create its own heat different than that of the Sun’s.

We are told that the Moon is not a self-luminous, semi-transparent body of light as it appears but rather that the Moon is a solid, spherical rock reflecting Sunlight that Freemasons can land on. However, pictures have been taken showing stars being seen through the Moon. This would be impossible if the Moon was solid and stars shining through the Moon can be seen in Muslim and Freemasonic symbolism. Videos and pictures have also been taken showing the clear blue sky visible through the afternoon Moon.

The Sun and Moon clearly are more significant than what we have been told. These luminaries move above us every day and every night. I find the Sun and Moon to be beautiful but even though we can describe what they do and how they appear, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to identify what these luminaries actually are or how they function. That may very well be forever a mystery, but they do make me see and appreciate the beauty of our flat earth.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Great Flat Earth Channels to Check Out

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Sun and Moon With Day and Night in Alaska

Amazing video taken on an Alaskan cruise showing Day and Night joining together with Sun and Moon close by on the Flat Earth.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Flat Earth Activism Challenge - Bend Water For Money

Fill a bottle with water and draw a horizontal line on it. Ask someone to bend the bottle and make the water bend and curve with the shape of the bottle. It won't happen. This form of activism is not "in your face" and telling the person directly that the earth is flat, but rather it makes people think and perform an experiment based on the natural physics of water.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Science of Flat Earth

For thousands of years, ancient cultures everywhere knew the earth was a flat, motionless plane in the center of the universe based off the observations of the true world around them. For instance, the stars of the heavens appear to be revolving above our heads and water is always flat, so the oceans must be flat, and the stars must revolve around us like our God-given senses indicate. Our ancestors observed the world and based their conclusions off what they were seeing, but then something changed.

Psychopaths began to gain power and control over science and changed our reality from observing the world through the scientific method to a faith-based religion entirely dependent on the system. Through brainwashing institutions like School, subjecting innocent children to blindly accept fallacies as truth, through televisions and TV programming showing Freemasons landing on the moon, these powerful psychopaths with bloodlines handed down through the ages have removed mankind from the center of the universe disregarding our own human senses as the true reality of the world we live upon. They have removed God from the picture, placing humans as the accidental coincidence and product of evolution from monkeys with no purpose in our lives, disconnecting us from our divine origins of intelligent design.

We are convinced through lying manipulators that our ancestors were stupid and just didn’t know what we know today. The truth is however, we create the very realities of our human existence. The Earth is flat. We have been lied to and we have been enslaved. From birth we are taught to mock and ridicule the very idea of earth being the flat center of our universe like our eyes clearly show us, but instead take the gospel of Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye as the ultimate truth that we are meaningless apes created by accident. I beg to differ. I was once a believer in the heliocentric ball-earth religion, but then I was ridiculed for questioning it just as many others have been. Slaves think they’re smart because they take the word of liars who clearly manipulate them. The fact of the matter is however, real science supports the flat, motionless earth while false, unprovable pseudo-science has enslaved humanity on a ball. There are many scientific proofs of the flat earth.

The horizon, which derived from the word “horizontal”, always rises to the eye level and remains perfectly flat at 360 degrees around the observer. On a globe, the converging point of the horizon on the ball earth would drop as the observer rose higher and higher, yet this is never the case. High altitude balloon footage shows earth with zero curvature up to 120,000 feet. NASA and the cabal of Freemasonic Sun worshippers, say that one starts seeing earth’s curve at about 30,000 feet yet these balloons go 4 times higher and spot no curve. Someone’s lying and it’s probably the Space agency with the deceptive snake tongue as their logo.

Many brainwashed Ball-earthers claim that they have seen the curvature from the ground. Oh really? That’s very mysterious considering most prophets of the ball earth religion say that a person cannot begin seeing curvature until 30,000 feet high, which contradicts these ball earthers’ claims. The horizontal horizon is an obvious proof the earth is flat. No curvature has ever been detected other than GoPro fish-eyed lenses. The videos with fish-eyed lenses show an artificial curve created by the camera which begins before the camera even lifts off the ground. No curvature has ever been seen because earth doesn’t curve.

One of the best proofs of the flat earth is water. The natural physics and properties of water and liquids is to remain flat and level. If dammed up then released, the nature of all liquids is to flow out in every direction until it has found its level. This is why we have “sea-level” and “water level.” Water forming to the exterior of any shape can be observed nowhere in nature, yet we are convinced this is how our world is. Water curving and bending around a tilting, wobbling, spinning ball due to a magical Freemasonic pulling force can be observed nowhere in the natural world and cannot be proven with any form of valid, repeatable experiments, yet we are told this is our world. However, water remaining perfectly flat and level can be shown, tested, repeated, and proved to be the case. We are told earth is 70% water, so if the nature of all liquids to remain flat and level, at least 70% of earth must be flat and level. Whether from a cup, to a bucket, to a bathtub, to a pool, to a lake, or to an ocean, water never curves but will always maintain its level. Water is another obvious and easy proof the earth is flat.

Another great flat earth proof is the ability to see objects from incredible distances. If earth were truly a spinning ball, objects would disappear over the line of sight at the horizon due to the earth’s curve, yet that never occurs. The Statue of Liberty stands at 326 feet and can be seen up to 60 miles away but on a globe, the statue would be 2,074 feet below the horizon. The Chicago Skyline can be seen up to 60 miles away across Lake Michigan. At this distance on a globe, the Skyline should be 2,400 feet below the line of sight. To keep you asleep inside the deception, the brainwashing-news channels quickly stated that this was “just a mirage.” However, the skyline was facing right-side up unlike a superior mirage, which would be a hazy illusion.

Ships disappearing over the horizon has been a ball earth proof for hundreds of years, but it can be easily debunked. The claim is that ships disappear because they go over the curve of the earth, yet when the observer pulls out a high-powered zoom camera, one can easily bring the entirety of the ship back into view. On a ball, this would be completely impossible because no matter how far the camera can zoom in, the ship would be out of the line of sight due to going over the supposed curve. Ships sailing out of sight has nothing to do with the curvature of the earth but rather is a result of human perspective and how far our eyes can see. That is why cameras can bring a whole ship back into view. Just another proof that the earth could not be a spinning globe but instead is a flat plane.

Lighthouses prove the earth is flat and the light can be seen for miles away without being hidden due to the curvature of the earth. The Isle of Wight lighthouse in England stands at 180 feet and can be seen up to 42 miles away but on the ball earth, the light should be hidden 996 feet below the horizon. The Egerรถ light on the south coast of Norway stands 154 feet high and remains visible up to 28 miles where its light should be 230 feet below the line of sight. The Cape L’Agulhas lighthouse in South Africa is 33 feet high, standing 238 feet above sea level and can be seen up to 50 miles, which if earth was a globe, the light would fall 1,400 feet below the horizon. The lighthouse at Port Said, Egypt stands 60 feet high and is visible at 58 miles away, yet it should be hidden at an astounding 2,182 feet below the horizon! If the earth really was a globe, these lighthouses should not be seen from these incredible distances, yet they are, which is only consistent with the flat earth.

The longest bridges in the world show no curvature for miles which would be impossible if the earth were a globe 25,000 miles in circumference. The Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China is the longest bridge in the world stretching 102.4 miles long and should have about a 7,000-foot drop in curvature, yet not a single inch of curvature can be measured. The Donghai Bridge in China is 20.2 miles long and should show a drop of 272 feet, but no curvature can be seen. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Metairie, Louisiana is 23.87 miles long and is entirely level with 380 feet of missing curvature. The Tianjin Grand Bridge is 70.6 miles long which should show a drop of 3,324 feet, yet zero curvature can be detected. Most bridges are not designed with earth’s curvature taken into consideration, but the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York was designed with earth’s curve taken into account and is 13,700 feet long but the water beneath the bridge still remains perfectly flat and level consistent with the flat earth! No curvature can be measured or detected proving earth is not a globe.

The Barre de Ecrins mountain in France is elevated at 13,458 feet and can be seen from up to 273 miles away. A photo taken at 273 miles away by Pic de Finestrelles shows no curvature where the mountain should be hidden. Instead, the entire mountain can be seen and zero curvature can be detected.

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and covers an area of over 1,900 miles. If the earth was a globe, then there should be thousands of feet of curvature, yet no curvature can be measured.

Australia’s longest and flattest road is the Eyre Highway stretching across 90 miles. On the ball earth, there should be over 5,000 feet of curvature, yet not an inch can be detected. Surely, if the earth curved, such a flat road would not exist, yet it does and proves the flat earth.

Kansas has been proven to be flatter than a pancake! A study showed that on a scale where 1.0 is completely flat, the flatness of a pancake is 0.957 while Kansas is 0.9997. This means that across Kansas, at the span of 400 miles, there should be about 20 miles of curvature. Considering the size of Kansas as a U.S. state, there should be plenty of earth’s curve to be measured, yet instead it is perfectly flat and level.

The Black Rock Desert in Nevada covers an area of 1000 miles and is 100 miles long. At this distance, there should be about 7,000 feet of curvature but not a single inch can be detected.

Railways and train tracks also lend support for the flat earth and debunk the globe. The London and Northwestern Railway is 180 miles long stretching from London to Liverpool in a straight line. If earth were a ball, this railway would be curving at an arc at an incredible height of 5,640 feet which is not the case. Engineers and surveyors make no allowance for curvature and the idea of train tracks having to be designed to curve with the earth’s rotundity is preposterous. It is already hard enough to make railroads curve left and right, yet we are supposed to believe that railroads are also designed to bend over the curve of the earth? Railroads are not designed under those circumstances; therefore, this is yet another proof the earth is not a globe.

The Salar de Uyuni, also known as the Bolivian Salt Flats, is the world’s largest salt flat. It expands and remains perfectly flat and level for over 4,000 square miles. There should be an exponential amount of curvature seen, yet not an inch can be measured. Flat places like this prove that earth could not be a sphere, but flat and level.

The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah cover an area of 40 miles where on a globe, there should be about 1000 feet of curvature. Instead, the salt flats remain flat and level consistent with the flat earth.

The Suez Canal is 100 miles long connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez on the Red Sea. The Suez Canal remains entirely uninterrupted by locks and is an astonishing proof of flat earth. The canal was dug just 26 miles along a horizontal datum line with no curvature taken into consideration and runs perfectly parallel and level the whole way through. The Great Canal of China was said to be 700 miles long and was dug without earth’s curvature considered as the Chinese knew of earth as a stationary plane.
Many Heliocentrists have convinced us that the earth beneath our feet is not stationary and motionless as it appears, but instead it is constantly spinning. Have you ever felt the earth’s spin? Again, this religious cult demands that you throw out and disregard your senses to maintain the silly belief that you are on a spinning ball. However, there are some fatal flaws to this fallacious theory that light must be shed upon. For instance, every experiment in history that made an attempt to prove the earth’s motion has failed such as the Michelson-Morley experiment. Albert Michelson and Edward Morley tried passing light through two pathways, one at the angle of the supposed earth’s motion and the other at the right angles to its’ motion. The light travelling with the earth’s motion should have taken longer to return than the light travelling at the right angels, yet no difference was ever detected even after repeating it multiple times. This failure to detect earth’s alleged motion would go down as a remarkable proof of the stationary, motionless earth. The fact that no motion can be detected in any experiment or even with our natural senses is very bizarre because we are told that earth spins over 1000 miles per hour, circles the sun at 67,000 miles per hour, the solar system is travelling at 500,000 miles per hour with the Milky Way galaxy hurtling at an incredible 670,000,000 miles per hour. The fact that no experiment could detect any of this motion and humans cannot feel any motion at all is an astounding proof that earth is not moving.

If the earth was really a spinning ball, pilots would constantly have to change and correct their altitudes downwards to prevent the airplane from flying off straight into outer space. The artificial horizon in an airplane is based off a gyroscope which is designed to always remain level and upright under any circumstance. No matter how tilted or curved the surface is, the gyroscope would remain upright, so if an airplane began following the curvature of the earth, then the artificial horizon would begin to roll backwards yet this never occurs, therefore proving airplanes fly in the air above a plane.

If the earth was truly spinning Eastwards at over a thousand miles per hour, airplanes travelling 500 mph Eastwards would never arrive at their destinations before the earth comes speeding up from behind! Meanwhile, an airplane travelling Westwards would arrive at twice the speed in half the time, yet this is never observed. Airplanes landing on runways would be practically impossible with the earth’s 1000 mph spin! Heliocentrists explain away these fallacies by stating that the mysterious force of Gravity holds the entire atmosphere stuck to the earth’s spin like Velcro. This non-sensical belief, however, can be easily debunked by birds, bugs, clouds, rain, smoke, and planes which behave differently than they would if earth was spinning over a thousand miles per hour. Airplanes fly freely in all manner of directions above the flat, motionless earth which can be observed and proven to be the case.

Gravity is the Masonic key to holding the very foundations of this Sun cult together. Freemason Sir Isaac Newton convinced the world that instead of objects falling due to the laws of density and buoyancy, rather objects fell due to a magical pulling force called Gravity. We are told that Gravity is the reason water curves around the ball earth and keeps us stuck from flying off from earth’s break-neck speed. Of course, this force can be observed nowhere in the natural world and cannot be tested and proven in any form of experiments. Imagine a force that is just strong enough to hold oceans and people stuck to the earth yet is just weak enough to allow butterflies and airplanes to fly freely in all directions. Gravity is also what allows moons to orbit planets and planets to orbit stars. Gravity seems to pick and choose which functions it desires to perform. Either Gravity should cause earth to crash into the Sun or orbit the Sun. Either Gravity should cause people to stick to earth or orbit the earth.

If you try spinning a wet tennis ball, the water will fly off in every direction. No matter how many times repeated or tested, water will never form to the exterior shape of the tennis ball because that defies the natural physics of water. Of course, the Masonic Heliocentrists have an explanation for this. They claim that the reason we can’t observe water or small objects being pulled or attracted to larger objects such as a ball is simply because Gravity only works at planetary scales. In other words, Gravity cannot be observed anywhere on earth because it only works with giant objects such as planets or stars. Again, your common sense and logic has been explained away and you must blindly believe that what you are being told it true. Gravity is unobservable, untestable, unrepeatable, and unprovable which defies the laws of science in which claims must be observable, testable, repeatable, and provable. Believing in a theory that can’t be proven but must require blind faith for its existence is beyond foolish. Gravity is unprovable pseudo-science.

However, the laws of density and buoyancy explained the natural world around us and can be proven. If an object is heaver or denser than the air surrounding it, it will fall to the ground. If an object is lighter than the air surrounding it, it will rise like a helium balloon. This is due to the natural laws of density causing objects to fall and buoyancy causing objects to rise. If you drop a feather, an object just slightly denser than air, it will slowly float away and descend to the ground. If you drop a bowling ball, an object greatly heavier than air, it will instantly fall to the ground. This isn’t because Gravity prefers bowling balls over feathers, but rather objects fall to the ground based on density and buoyancy. Unlike Gravity, the laws of density and buoyancy can be observed and proven through experiments and is another proof of flat earth.

Polaris is the one star in the night sky that has not moved for thousands of years. This is an observable, testable fact that can be proven. Polaris is the star that sits directly above the North Pole and the fixed stars revolve in perfect circles around the center-point of the flat earth. The word “planet” derived from the Old English planete and the Greek word planetai which meant “wanderer” or “wandering.” The ancients knew “planets” as wandering stars because they appeared to be stars that wandered around the sky in their own unique paths different from the fixed stars circling Polaris in their fixed positions. This is further proof that it is not us revolving around the heavenly bodies but rather it is the stars and heavenly bodies that revolve above us proving the Geocentric model. It is not observable, provable, or even scientific to claim that thousands of years ago Polaris moved, and the other stars changed positions as the center of rotation. If earth really was a spinning ball, we would never observe the same stars every night circling around the same pole star, but instead we would see different stars and constellations each night as we fly through the universe. Every night we should see a new set of stars, yet this never occurs, and the same stars have been seen for thousands of years circling above our geocentric, flat plane.

The sun is not 93 million miles away like what we have been told, but by using sextants and plane trigonometry, it is revealed that the Sun is local and much closer to the earth. This explains why high-altitude balloon footage shows hot-spots on clouds as a direct result of a local Sun and proof that the Sun is not 93 million miles away! When looking up to the sky, one can observe that the Sun is circling above our heads and is smaller than what we have been told. The Moon on the other hand is not 238,000 miles away but our eyes can clearly observe it to be much closer than what the Freemasons at NASA would have us believe. Both luminaries, just as described by the ancients, revolved above us as they appear with the Sun being warm, drying, and preservative while the Moon is cold, damp, and putrefying. Experiments have been done proving the different effects that Moonlight has on food and plants than Sunlight. When looking up at the sky, the Moon appears to be a translucent, transparent, luminous body of light and not a solid, spherical rock reflecting the Sun’s light as we’ve been told. Repeatable tests have been conducted showing that Moonlight is colder than the shade unlike Sunlight which is warmer than the shade. People have taken pictures of the blue sky and even stars being seen through the Moon. This would be impossible if the Moon was a solid rock and not a luminary. Even though the Sun and Moon appear to circle above us and support the flat earth, we should not be looking up to the sky to prove the shape of the earth beneath our feet.

The religious cult of heliocentrism has brainwashed us from birth to believe we live on a spinning ball and reject our flat earth reality. The amount of scientific evidence supporting flat earth is astounding. If the earth were not flat but instead a tilting spinning ball, then why would there be no evidence of the globe but so much evidence for the flat earth? This is because the earth is obviously flat, and everyone can prove it for themselves. This deception has been played out for hundreds of years by the elite secret societies and psychopaths ruling our world. They want you to feel insignificant. They want you to think that you’re an evolved monkey on a speck going nowhere. They want you to feel like your life has no meaning and no purpose. Our flat earth truth has been hidden from us our whole lives and now it’s time for humanity to wake up and escape this globalist cult that has enslaved us. I’ve woken up to the lies and I’m ready to fight back! Now, my only question is; Are you ready?