Wednesday, March 14, 2018

YouTube Attacking Truth Channels! - We Are At WAR

YouTube has decided to team up with Wikipedia in order to target truth channels on YouTube talking about conspiracies. I have never spread a conspiracy "theory" in my life. I only spread conspiracy facts and reality. There are 2 conspiracies that they are specifically targeting: The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax and the recent Parkland School schooting in Florida. WOW! If you thought the Moon Hoax was just a "crazy conspiracy theory" then why would they need to censor it and hide a harmless dumb "conspiracy theory."

So the story is, YouTube is partnering up with Wikipedia so that when some uploads a conspiracy video such as the Moon Landing Hoax, this video will have a Wikipedia source next to it in order to stop the viewer from hearing the video's truth but instead read Wiki's lie. Think about it like writing a book on 9/11 truth and the library placing the book under the "Fiction" section. It is designed to make the conspiracy look fake and ridiculous and to keep people from question their realities.

There have been so many people waking up to the lies and deceptions. Many people have started posting their own videos about the Florida school shooting being a hoax and YouTube is engaging on an all out war to stop it. Well, I have tried to respect YouTube's guidelines and policies but after they full on deleted Eric Dubay's channel I grew pissed and lost most respect to their rules. Now I'm even more pissed off because they are trying to censor the free speech of anyone sharing a different opinion about a fake-ass event! We are at war and we are rising and becoming more powerful. Researchers are being demonized by the mainstream media and by the sheeple and this is happening because we are growing. They are scared of our power.

The Full Article that Demonized Truth:

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