Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Solution

Earth for as long as we’ve currently known has been dominated by an elite cabal of sadistic psychopaths who thrive on the misery and despair of all life in this plane of existence. Therein lies the problem. They subverted Science in order to hide the true shape of the earth along with the origins of life. They stole the story of our past with a fabricated set of lies agreed upon known as History. Corrupted true sources of enlightenment with false orders pretending to be the light bearers. Created religions to possess spiritual control and power over the minds of the people. Replaced natural cures and entheogenic properties with pharmaceutical pills designed to ensnare one into an addictive bondage. Replaced nature with concrete dwellings. Replaced beautiful inspiring architecture with disgusting brutalist concrete walls of blankness. They have brainwashed the youth with their false educational system. The food has been poisoned. The water has been poisoned. Hell, even the air is being poisoned. They replaced the sacred traditions of our forebears with decadence and immorality. Corrupted the sacred act of sex into a perverse degenerate act to bind and a commodity to enslave. Men have become weak, docile, and dumb – often lured in by sexual desires into mental chains. Women have become promiscuous and deceptive all while being told they are empowered. They have taken the stoic masculinity from men. They have taken the sacred femininity from women primarily through the means of discouraging and destroying motherhood. They replaced human interaction with social distancing and the illusion of the freedom of choice with full blown tyranny, simply lifting the veil all in the name of safety.

They have destroyed the family, they are raping mother nature of all that is pure, they are replacing peoples in their own homelands with foreigners in the name of mass immigration which only exists due to the wars that they created, they have destroyed all that is pure, all that is holy, all that is worth fighting for, all while telling us we are free but only to do as they tell us. But why would they do this? Who would create these problems? It seems the ultimate question of conspiracy is…why? How could there be so much insanity and lunacy? What exactly are these psychopaths at the helm pushing for?

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